Royalty free images - Where to Find Some for Your E-commerce Shop

A website would look too dull if it does not containing images. However, images are not only used to beautify a site, they are used to boost sales, place the site at a good rank on search engines and well as used to give the buyer more information about a product. It is always a good idea to always add images to your website that add value as well as interest to your content and overall e-commerce shop. While there are many sites where you can get such images, you may end up parting with a huge chunk of money for each image. On the other hand, not everyone can make a good photographer, and thus getting the images is quite a daunting task. Well, worry not as there are sites that will offer you royalty free images for your website. Here is just a few of them.

1. Burst

Online entrepreneurs come here for royalty free images. This site helps small brands to get high quality photos for their websites. All images in this site are under Creative Commons license, CC0. This means that they are available for editing, modification and use for commercial purposes. At the moment, there are more than a thousand images for use, and also new ones get uploaded on a weekly basis.

2. Freeimages

The site prides itself of having more than 400,000 Royal Free Photos uploaded by over 30,000 photographers. It was previously called stock. XCHNGE, and is part of Getty Images. You can search for photos here by variety, comprising of photographer restrictions, country, camera as well as image resolution.

3. RGBStock

This site offers online entrepreneurs a number of free pictures to use in their e-business websites. It has over 10, 000 images and gets stocked with images on weekly basis. Image categories comprise of random, photographer download statistic, browsing and inspiration, and also forum categories. The site offers free images that you can use for both personal and commercial use.


4. Death of image stock

This platform needs one to sign up for a newsletter which gets you new and free images every month in your email. This, therefore, means that the site is not a go-to place whenever you are in need of a royalty-free image for your website. It is, however, worth it since upon signing for a newsletter, myriads of new, free and high-quality images are availed in your inbox every month.

5. LoremPixel

If you are in need of placeholder image for your site or site template, then here is where you will get the best deals. With a healthy range of free images for your site, you will always get the most appropriate free photos to publish in your e-commerce shop. The site has a Placeholder generator which lets you generate images depending on their size, color as well as category.

Royalty free images

6. Gratisography

For images of personal or commercial purposes, this site is considered one of the best sources to acquire images. Ryan McGuire of Bell Design is responsible for uploading images in this platform. The drawback however is that this site is not searchable, however, here you will find gorgeous images that suits whatever project you have. Again, the site adds new images on a weekly basis.

7. IM Free

At IM Free, you will get a collection of royal free images for commercial as well as personal use. Image categories include business, technology, people, objects and items, food and drinks, occupations and also ambient. You will also find landing page templates as well as icons in this site. The site is generated by IM-Creator, a program for creating publishing sites.